68. Riding a Roller Coaster

Cloze Test

At Sunflower Middle School, the 8th graders would go to the amusement park to celebrate the and finally entering high school. Robert's group of were all excited to go, but he wasn't. truth was that Robert was afraid of heights. lot of the rides at the amusement park fast and high. Robert didn't want to admit his friends that he was afraid of heights. would probably make fun of him and tell he's not being a man.

Robert told his that he had a family trip that day. " Robert, it's a free trip to one of most popular amusement parks in America!" his teacher . His friend overheard Robert saying he could not . "Robert, you have to go! Don't you want spend time with us? We're all going to high schools," Michael said. This was true. Maybe can just go on the rides that are roller coasters. Michael decided to go. He did to see his friends one last time.

At amusement park, his friends wanted to go on tallest ride first. Robert felt his hands shaking. friends all got in line. As they got to the front of the line, Robert's hands sweating. When they reached the front, Robert couldn't . "Robert, come on! It's our turn," one of friends said. "I'm too scared. I can't," he . "Just try it, you might like it," his said. Robert took a deep breath and went the ride. He closed his eyes and the coaster took off. Robert actually liked it! He how the wind felt rushing against him. When got off the ride, he wanted to go !