65. Being Clumsy

Cloze Test

James was known for being clumsy. He would all the time, accidentally let go of objects, drinks off the table, and stutter over words. day, James went to the grocery store. He buying ingredients to make dinner. He went to sauce aisle. He put the pesto sauce jar his cart. As he was walking to the aisle to look for meatballs, the pesto jar through the cracks of the cart and shattered. in the store looks at James. He turns red. An employee nearby told James not to about it and cleaned the mess.

James picked a pack of meatballs. He noticed that there a weird stain on the pack. He tried pick at it to get rid of it. picked it so hard that he made a in the package. James looked around to see anyone saw it. Whew! No one was in aisle. James put the package back with the and got a new one. Next, James went the grains aisle. There were so many options. he want noodles or pasta? What kind of did he want? James spent 20 minutes looking all the grain types. "Sir, we are about close," an employee said. James apologized and ended picking the macaroni.

James went to the checkout . His total came out to be $10.20. He out his dollar bills and coins. When he the coins to the cashier, he accidentally dropped of his coins on the floor.