62. Margaret liked Taking Pictures

Cloze Test

Margaret always liked taking pictures. She believed that picture can make anything beautiful. She brought her everywhere even if she was doing simple tasks going grocery shopping. Margaret especially liked taking pictures her friends when they didn't expect it. She capturing people's natural reactions. Some of Margaret's friends 't like it when she did this though.

Margaret a website where she put samples of her . There were some pictures of people, some pictures views, and some pictures of food. She decided offer her skills for money. People could fill a form on her website requesting her to pictures of them. Her rate was $30 per . She wasn't getting that many requests. It made feel like her work wasn't good. Her friend advertising her website on social media. Once she that, more requests came in.

Day after day, would request Margaret to take their pictures. In , there were over 50 requests because people wanted pictures. Margaret had to stop taking requests though she was too busy. Margaret made a lot money from taking pictures. She used the money buy a new camera.