61. An Intern's First Day at a Law Firm

Cloze Test

Maria was an intern at a law firm. eventual goal was to become an environmental lawyer. an internship was a great way to learn and make her resume look better. The internship unpaid, but she was okay with that.

Maria nervous on her first day. She made sure looked professional. She wore a white collared shirt, navy blue blazer, a pencil skirt, and black . She put her hair in a ponytail and a pearl necklace.

Maria entered the law firm looked around her. Everyone looked so busy and . She liked that. Maria went to her boss . Susan has been a lawyer for twenty years won many of her cases. Susan looked mean, Maria was ready to make her like her. and Susan shook hands. Susan had a firm . "First, I want you to get me a of coffee. No creamer or sugar," she said. "! What would you like me to do next?" asked. "I'll let you know after you get my coffee," Susan said.

Maria came back with coffee. Susan took the coffee and drank it. ", now I want you to drive to the grocery store and buy my groceries," she said. was shocked. She thought she would be doing important work. "What does this have to do law?" Maria asked. "Are you questioning my knowledge law?" Susan asked. Maria immediately froze. She shook head no. She obeyed her orders and then Susan an email saying that she quit.