53. Susan's Favorite Band

Susan's favorite band was touring. They were having concert near her house. She was so excited they had not been on tour for a time. She knew that tickets would sell out fast. She stayed up late the night they out. She wanted to get the tickets before sold out. She contnuously refreshed the page when time got closer. When the tickets were released, immediately added them to her cart on the . She got three tickets, two for her close . Susan was so excited when she got the . She immediately called her friends to tell them. thanked her for helping them get tickets. She listened to all their songs again.

On the of the concert, Susan wore her favorite band -shirt. She got ready with her friends, and they left together. At the venue, it was extremely . There were a lot of people and security . It was a long line to get in. they got in, they moved their way to front. They wanted to get a good view the concert.

The lights turned off when the was about to begin. When the band came , everyone screamed in excitement. They played some of classic hits, but they also played new songs. had amazing lights and instrumentals also. Susan enjoyed concert as much as she expected she would. could not wait for the next tour.