47. From Skinny to Muscular

John grew up skinny. Because of this, he bullied a lot. Bigger guys would push him and girls would make fun of him for skinnier than them. John decided to transform himself college. He took advantage of the free gym his college, and went there every day from p.m. to 11 p.m. He lifted light weights first and then moved on to heavier ones. three weeks, he increased the weight he lifted five pounds.

He also did push-ups, sit-ups, and -ups. He also drank protein shakes before he worked . Proteins shakes helped him gain muscle mass. John changed his diet, too. He started eating foods beef, eggs, brown rice, and beets. In six , John was no longer skinny. He was muscular no one bullied him in college. He felt lot happier, too. He felt more confident about and was happier going to class every day. friends from high school noticed the change and him on his healthier body.

John was so by his own body change that he decided create a program teaching high schoolers how to stronger. He first taught at his old high , and then taught at several high schools nearby. he made a DVD about how to get . The DVD was sold worldwide. Eventually John went talk shows and wrote books about his journey.