44. An Artist's Dream

James was always good at painting and drawing. could paint faces and buildings accurately. He could up with original artwork, too. He also does art. Abstract art is art that uses shapes, , forms, and textures, but does not represent real . For example, a red circle painted on a background is abstract art. However, James knew that was not the most stable career.

James was community college. His parents wanted him to get Associate Degree. James hated community college though. He 't care about math, science, or English. He just to draw. After one semester, he decided to out. His parents were furious. "How are you to make a living?" his dad asked. "By what I am good at," James said. The next day, James enrolled at his local art . His dream was to eventually become a book . James did very well at his art college. won a lot of art competitions.

After he , however, James had trouble finding a job as book illustrator. There were not that many positions . After three months of not working, James decided apply to different jobs. He applied to graphic positions and had better luck there. It paid well, too. He did not want to give on his dream of becoming a book illustrator, he was glad he was making money. His apologized for not believing in him earlier.