43. To Be Independent

Beverly has been in boarding school since she ten years old. Her parents put her in school to make her a more independent person. was against it at first. She wanted to with her parents like most kids of her . She started getting used to boarding school when was about 15 years old. She would only her parents during winter break and during the .

Beverly is okay with it now, because she so used to not seeing her parents. Whenever sees her parents though, they spend almost every together. However, Beverly is going to attend a near her parents. In fact, the university is 20 minutes away from their house. Beverly asked they wanted her to stay with them. Her said that she should live in the dorms make more friends. Beverly agreed. Even though Beverly close to her parents, she barely saw them she was so busy. She did see them winter break though.

Beverly wanted to study abroad the summer in Italy. She asked her parents they were okay with that. "Absolutely not! Being in a different country is dangerous!" her mom . "But I have been alone for so long! 't this why you put me in boarding school begin with? I know how to be independent. am responsible and smart enough to go to alone," she said. "Honey, the truth is, we wanted to spend summer with you," her dad . That is when Beverly realized that even though parents wanted her to be independent, they cherished time with her a lot.