25. The First Date

I have been in the same math class Eric for a few months now. He always me on my homework. He is extremely nice funny. One day, I decided to ask Eric he wanted to go out with me to mall. I was so happy when he said . I was excited; this would be my first . I was also nervous since I had never on a date. I did not know what do or how to act. I hoped I figure it out.

I planned our date to minute. I wanted to be prepared and know what to do. We were going to the on Saturday at noon. He was going to me up and drive to the mall, where would get food and then shop at our stores.

However, when the day came, everything went . First of all, I could not find my outfit that I had planned on wearing. I for a clean plain t-shirt and some jeans. was also late because his car got a tire on the way to my house. I scared about what else could go wrong. He about being late and I forgave him.

We in the car and played music as we . We had a good conversation about school, traveling, family. He was easy to talk to. I so relieved. The date ended up being really . We had a good time eating and shopping the mall.