22. Jogging around the Neighborhood

Every day Tiffany jogged 5 miles around her . She loved running around her neighborhood. It made feel refreshed for the rest of the day. felt more healthy and productive after her runs. did not always run the same route. She to change her route to make running more . Sometimes she ran to grocery stores and sometimes ran to her friend's house. It was a journey each time.

In order to run, she to have the right gear. She always wore athletic clothes. She had to wear good running that were durable. She kept her hair in high ponytail so her hair would not interfere her face. She kept a water bottle with at all times to continue to stay hydrated. she ran at the gym, but she preferred fresh air. There was something about seeing the and cars passing by that made her happy.

always listened to music when she ran. The kept her motivated and distracted her from the of being tired. Today she decided to run a movie theater. She was meeting a friend later. She had her water, music, and a ready. She started running early so that she be there on time.