19. A Study Group

Ricky was good at everything. He had always As in all his classes. He excelled in subjects and never had any trouble with the . This year, he was taking calculus. This was subject he had never taken before. He was a lot and did not understand the material. teacher handed his first test back. Ricky was at his score. He had failed the test. was his first time to fail anything. Ricky not know what to do. He did not to ask for help, because he did not how.

This was his first time struggling, and had no idea how to approach his problem. started by talking to the teacher. He asked teacher if there was a mistake or if was any way he could retake the test. teacher explained to him that it was reasonable he did not do well on the first . She gave a list of books and websites may help him and also referred him to tutors. Another suggestion she made was to reach to friends and form a study group.

He the idea of a study group because he more comfortable asking his friends for help. He his friends if they would like to form study group. They loved the idea. They also relieved since they were also struggling with calculus. decided to meet twice a week at their 's library. They did homework together and went through problem step by step. Before the next test, studied extra long. They did several practice problems helped each other along the process. Perhaps Ricky not get everything correct on the next test, he felt more confident.