10. Being Too Superstitious

Mildred was very superstitious. She believed that black and walking under ladders were unlucky. Her friends family would make fun of her for being superstitious. Her brother tried to explain to her superstitions are not real. She never believed him . There have even been times where she went of her way because of superstitions.

One time, was very scared to take a math test. is a superstition that says that carrying a foot brings good luck. Although Mildred could not a real rabbit's foot, she brought a key of a rabbit foot. Another time, Mildred's friends her to get pizza at a new restaurant. was about to go inside the restaurant when saw the restaurant's phone number included "666." "666" considered to be unlucky, so she left.

Another , it was raining pretty hard. When Mildred went the mall, she noticed that a woman still her umbrella opened! Umbrella indoors are supposed to bad luck. She ran up to the woman asked if she could close her umbrella. The looked at her with a disturbed face. "Don't me what to do," she said. The woman walking around the mall with her umbrella opened to annoy Mildred, who wanted to leave the immediately to avoid any bad luck. Her mom her to stay. "Mildred, nothing bad is going happen," she said. Mildred stayed in the mall four hours. Her mom was right. Nothing bad .