Ophelia was a night shift worker at a . This meant that she worked late at night. 's work schedule was 9 PM to 4 AM. would sleep during the day while most people at work. For the first year of work, had a hard time adjusting to the schedule. had trouble sleeping during the afternoon. She was that she had to miss out on social her friends hosted.

It's still hard for Ophelia adjust, but she is better at it. When comes back from work, she goes to the for a few hours. Then, she practices her skills. Afterwards, she would make herself a healthy . Night shift workers often eat unhealthier than day workers. After lunch, she would watch her favorite show. After that, she would sleep.

The hospital the employees that they could send requests to the time of their shift. Ophelia was excited this and immediately sent in a request to her shift. A couple of weeks later, the gave Ophelia a letter. The letter stated that request was rejected. Ophelia was shocked. She went her manager and asked him why. He said many night shift workers who requested an earlier were elderly. Ophelia was only 25. The manager that the older employees needed an earlier shift than Ophelia did. Ophelia was mad at first, she thought about the older employees. Their bones aching and they're tired. They do need it than her.