76. She Deleted His Number

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Johnny dated Robin for three months, but now he decided to break up with Robin because of his job. He would be working 50 hours a week. He wouldn't have enough time to invest in her. Robin was sad. She didn't want to break up with him. She thought he was not trying hard enough. She thought he should have made time for her. It took a long time for Robin to get over Johnny. He popped in her mind every day. Little things would remind her of him. For example, she saw a pink rose on the ground and she thought of Johnny. It was because Johnny gave her pink roses when she was accepted to dental school.

Robin would cry and talk about Johnny to her friends. They felt sorry for her. How could she think about one person so much? Robin said she still had hope that they would get back together. Her friends said that she needed to stop thinking that. They suggested that she delete his number. It took Robin a long time, but she eventually deleted his number. She also deleted him on Facebook. She felt so much better. She was no longer constantly reminded of Johnny.

Three months later, she got a text message from an unknown number asking her to meet up for coffee. She texted, "Who is this?" Johnny realized that Robin had deleted his phone number. He decided to say, "Wrong number! I hope you are happy though. Robin thought to herself, I am.

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