66. Don't Need a Man

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Karen was 29 years old. She lived alone. She had a few friends, but didn't feel the need to hang out with them too much. She had a few boyfriends, but no one was worth staying with. She was a nurse at a hospital. She loved her job because she liked taking care of people.

Karen's parents visited her one day out of the blue. She started to get worried. Why did they drive all the way here? It was a six-hour drive! Karen's parents always worried about her. She and her parents sat in the living room. "So why are you guys here?" Karen asked. "Well, we were talking about you and your future. You're 29, but you're not married yet. All your cousins are already married," her mom said. Karen groaned. This wasn't the first time they mentioned it. Every time Karen went to a cousin's wedding, her parents would mention something about Karen being unmarried. Karen was annoyed that her parents wanted her to get married. She was fine being alone. She could support herself.

"Why don't you try dating my friend's son? He's 35, smart, and kind," her dad said. "I don't like being set up," Karen said. "He might be really great!" her dad said. "I don't need a man. I'll get married when the time is right," Karen said. "Aren't you lonely?" her mom asked. "No, I'm happy with my job and the life I live," she said. Karen's parents weren't happy with her answer, but they accepted that they couldn't change her mind.

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