46. Getting Contact Lense

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Linda has been wearing glasses since she was four years old. She has never liked them. She thought that glasses made her look too nerdy. She felt ugly in them. People called her Four Eyes when she was little. Not that many four-year-olds wore glasses. Every year Linda would beg her parents for contact lenses. Every year they just told her that she was not ready. They were afraid that her eyes were going to get infected.

However, Linda's parents surprised her by taking her to the optometrist. After testing Linda's vision, the doctor gave her a sample pair to wear. She put the contact lens on one finger and put it near her eye. She was nervous. "Don't be scared. It won't hurt you," the doctors said. It took Linda ten tries to get the contacts inside her eyes. It felt weird and amazing! She could actually see clearly without her glasses.

At school, everyone kept asking what happened to her glasses. Linda realized that people knew her for her glasses. They could barely recognize her. She kept getting compliments and loved it. Linda also started wearing makeup since people could see her eyes more easily. She was getting more attention from the popular guys and girls at school. She started hanging out with them. Linda's old friends got mad at her. She apologized and asked the popular kids if her old friends could join them. They said no. Linda decided to leave the popular group.

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