11. Irene's Secret

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Irene has a secret. Her mom is the Principal at her high school. She doesn't want anyone to know because her classmates would think that she gets special treatment. Not even her friends know about the secret. When her friends ask to go to her house, she just says that her parents don't allow guests. Irene's mom also never told anyone that her daughter goes to the high school she works at.

"Bring Your Mom to Campus" day was coming up and Irene usually told her friends in the past years that her mom was out of town. "What does your mom even do?" her friend asked. "She is a cancer researcher, so she travels a lot." Funny enough, Irene's mom was always at "Bring Your Mom to Campus" day. The Vice Principal once asked her, "Do you have a daughter?" Irene's mom said, "Yes, she is in college now."

Irene was very close to getting an A in her Calculus class. There was only one exam left. Irene would have to get 100% on the exam to push her grade to an A. The teacher offered the students extra credit if they brought their mom to "Bring Your Mom to Campus" day. Irene decided that this year was going to be the year she told her secret to everyone. Irene told her mom that she wanted to tell everyone about their relationship. Irene's mom agreed.

On "Bring Your Mom to Campus" day, Irene brought her mom to her Calculus class. "Hi, our Principal. What brings you here?" asked the Calculus teacher. "I'm actually Irene's mom," she said.

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