6. A Long Distance Relationship

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Eddie and Cynthia both went to the same high school. They had liked each other since ninth grade. Eddie and Cynthia met in math class Cynthia was really good at math. She always scored the highest out of everyone. Eddie was having trouble with math. He kept getting Fs. If he didn't bring his grade up to a C, he would have to repeat the class.

The teacher asked Cynthia to help Eddie out for extra credit, and she said yes. Every day after school for two hours, Cynthia would help him. Eddie fell in love with her. He ended up with a B in the class. Eddie took Cynthia out to dinner to thank her.

At dinner, they both fell for each other. They started dating. Everything was good. They never had fights and even talked about getting married one day. When senior year came around, though, they had to apply to college. They didn't want to stop each other from going places, but they both wanted to stay together.

Cynthia got into Harvard and wanted to major in math. Eddie did not get into Harvard. He got accepted to a school near Harvard but thought it would be better for him to stay closer to home. Cynthia ended up going to Harvard and Eddie ended up going to Florida State University. They tried to have a long distance relationship, but it was hard.

They broke up after their first year of college. After they graduated, however, they both worked in Florida. They got back together.

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