4. A Wonderful Surprise

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Janice is turning 21 today. Originally, she wanted to go to Las Vegas to celebrate. A lot of people go to Las Vegas for their 21st birthday because in the United States you can legally drink at 21. However, Janice decided not to go because she wanted to save money to buy a new car. Janice decided that she just wanted to go to a nice restaurant with her friends.

Janice's birthday was on a Tuesday; she had class and work on Tuesdays. She always walked to class with her friend Austin. When she and Austin met up, she thought he would wish her a Happy Birthday, but he didn't. Austin has known her for years and he would always remember her birthday. Janice tried to drop hints. "I wonder what today is," she said. "Just a Tuesday, nothing special." Janice was upset. She ignored him during class.

After class, Janice went to work. She expected a few birthday cards or a cake, but nothing. She was surprised, because employees would always get something for their birthdays. This made Janice upset. She didn't even want to go out to eat for her birthday anymore.

When Janice got home, she questioned if anyone even cared about her. Her friend Liza called her. "Hey, can you open the door, we're here," Liza said. "I don't want to go out anymore," Janice said. "Why not? Can you just open the door, we're already here," Liza said. Janice opened the door. "Surprise!" her friends yelled. They had a puppy in their hands.

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