100. Name Change

Diego did not like his name. It was Spanish name, but Diego didn't even speak Spanish. always assumed he did though. In fact, Diego 't even Hispanic! Diego also didn't like it because didn't sound cool. Diego wanted to change his to something like Brandon or Brock.

Diego told parents that he wanted to change his name. parents were furious. "This is the name we you. By changing it, you're going against our ," his mom said. His dad said, "Why don't just tell people to call you something else? 't legally change it though." Diego felt that if did that, people would just ignore him and calling him Diego.

Diego tried what his parents . At school, he told his friends and teachers call him Brock. His friends laughed at him asked him why. His teachers were okay with , but they kept calling him Diego accidentally. Since was already 13, it was hard for people had known him for a long time to him by any other name.