99. A Sweepstakes Winner

Janet entered a sweepstakes where she could win free trip to Hawaii. She read about it the back of a cereal box. She always to go to Hawaii, so she was excited she saw the ad. She realized that a of people were going to enter the sweepstakes, something in her felt confident she would win. was so confident that she started looking up to go to in Hawaii.

The winner of sweepstakes was going to be announced on the Cereal website. Janet went on the website and her name on the home page. She won! was so excited that she played a Hawaiian and danced to it. She read the details the website and found out that she could one person to the trip.

Janet didn't know to invite. She wanted to invite someone she spend hours with. She wanted to invite someone would be willing to do adventurous activities. She to invite someone who would appreciate Hawaii. Janet about it and decided to take her mom.