96. Eye Problems

Stella was practically blind without her glasses. Her was not blessed when it came to vision. in her family wore glasses, contact lenses, or their vision corrected. Stella had to wear thick because her prescription was 20/100. This means that sees at 20 feet what a normal person at 100 feet. Stella felt like people who 20/20 vision didn't understand how lucky they were.

common problem Stella had was not knowing where glasses were. There was a time when she her glasses off the desk and spent an looking for them. Another problem was that glasses made her look more nerdy. Stella slept over her friend's house and had to drive home next morning. When she opened her car door, realized that she wasn't wearing her glasses! It have slipped her mind.

Stella knocked on her 's door. There was no one inside! Her friend just left. Stella couldn't drive back home. She definitely get in a car accident. Stella waited her friend's doorstep. Eventually, she fell asleep. When friend came back, Stella was too tired to , so she just stayed at her friend's house .