95. First Time at Disneyland

Disneyland is an iconic place. There are only few Disney resorts in the world. There is in California, Florida, Japan, France, and Hong Kong. one in Florida was the largest. Kids, teens, adults all like Disneyland. There is something at for everyone, which is like any other amusement .

Sunny had never been to Disneyland. She remembered everyone was talking about Disneyland in her 2nd . They were talking about the rides, fireworks, and there. Sunny felt so left out of the . Her parents never took her because it was expensive. One time, her friend invited her to , but Sunny did not want to spend so money at one time. Now Sunny was 18 had a job as a cashier. She wasn't a lot, but she saved just over $800 her bank account.

Sunny invited her closest friends go to Disneyland with her. They went on Thursday, so the lines were shorter. Sunny immediately in love with Disneyland. It was a dream came true. It was everything her friends said would be. Sunny went on almost all the and took pictures with all the Disney mascots. the end of the day, she and her watched the fireworks.