87. A Stolen Bike

Beatrice rode her bike everywhere. Most of her drove around the neighborhood. Beatrice's family couldn't afford get her a car, so she decided to her driving test later. She doesn't mind too . Biking was fun and it was good exercise.

her way home from school, Beatrice stopped by supermarket. She forgot her bike lock. She thought what to do, and decided to just leave bike outside. No one was going to steal bike, she thought. She went inside to buy . When she exited the store, her bike was ! She was going crazy. She looked all around market just to see if the thief was nearby. Hours went by, and she still couldn't it.

Beatrice walked back home with the gallon milk in her hand. She looked up and bike was in front of her house. She surprised. How did it end up at home? asked her family how it got there. It out that her brother took it as a .