86. No Internet Connection

Jacob had to write a ten-page paper on Lincoln by tomorrow. He hadn't even started yet. always procrastinated, but he always got good grades, . Jacob poured himself a cup of coffee and the whole thing. He opened up his laptop. , he opened up a blank document. Next, he up the Internet browser. He had to look information on Abraham Lincoln.

When he clicked the "" button to look up information, it said there an Internet connection problem! He checked his router. looked fine. He double checked if he typed " Lincoln" incorrectly. He tried turning his wi-fi on off. It still didn't work. Jacob started to . He knew his teacher wouldn't give him a extension. Jacob called customer service and explained his .

The person on the other line gave him , but nothing worked. Jacob talked to the person about an hour and then gave up. He upset that he wasted an hour. It was 9 p.m., and he had to turn in paper at 8 a.m. Jacob had to turn around. He went to the library, picked out books on Lincoln and used the library computer. finished writing at 2 a.m. He ended up an A on the paper!