83. Fighting Friends

Roland and Miles have been best friends since grade. They bonded over their common interest in games. They would go to each other's house play video games after they finished their homework. did everything together, from eating breakfast to sleeping at each other's place. Right now, however, they not speaking to each other. Miles did not Roland to be on his basketball team, and was upset. It has been two weeks already.

has been trying to make it up to almost every day. He made him breakfast in morning, offered to drive him to school, and to carry his textbooks. Roland just kept pushing away. Miles didn't know what he could do. directly asked him one day and Roland said, " you do can make up for what you ." Miles was sad, and he gave up.

Now, and Miles are about to graduate from high . It has been a year since they talked. the last day of school, Roland goes up Miles. "Hey, I really miss you to be . Want to play video games after the graduation ?" Roland asks. Miles smiles and says yes. Sometimes, can't fix your mistakes right away. Friendship takes to fix.