82. Picking a Team

Miles loved playing sports. He grew up playing and tennis. He even wanted to play both in college and eventually become a professional. It also really important for him to win, too.

physical education class, the teacher wanted Miles and student Antonio to each pick four other guys play a round of basketball. Roland was in same physical education class. Miles knew that Roland him to pick him first to avoid embarrassment. time students picked teams, Roland was always last. was on the chubbier side, clumsy, and got easily. Miles felt bad, but he also did want Roland on his team.

There were two left, Roland and Tom. Both of them were athletic, but Tom was a little better, because was taller. Miles felt conflicted. He knew that he did not pick Roland, he would be sad. What was more important, winning or friendship? decided that winning was more important and picked . Roland was so shocked that he ran away the bathroom to cry. All the guys laughed him. Miles followed him into the bathroom to to him. Roland told him to get out. continued to play basketball and ended up winning. wasn't worth Roland's tears though.