79. Facing a Setback

Carter was known among his friend group to the competitive one. He saw everything as a , from having the nicest car to finishing math the fastest. It was a good thing and bad thing. It was good because he accomplished lot. He always tried his hardest and aimed be the best. It was bad because it him stressed.

Carter had just taken a difficult test. A few days later, he got his back. He received a C. He was in . He had never gotten less than A before. asked his friends what they got on their . They didn't want to show him because they he wanted to show off. "Carter, you make feel bad when you ask us what we ," said one of his friends. Carter did not to admit that he got a low grade.

class ended, Carter went up to the teacher. asked Ms. Green what the average grade in class was. Ms. Green said the average grade B. Carter was extremely upset. For the first , his grade was below average. Ms. Green told not to worry and that even the smartest would face setbacks.