75. No Need to Help Others

Kimberly was very selfish. She only cared about and never did any favors for anyone. A of hers asked for her chemistry notes, and said no. The teacher asked her to read section of the textbook out loud, and she no. The principal asked her to pick up piece of trash on the floor, and she no. The principal called Kimberly into his office. asked why she was so disobedient. Kimberly said she didn't feel the need to help others no one has ever helped her.

"What do mean no one helped you?" the principal asked. explained how she never met her mom and . Her dad passed away before she was born her mom died while giving birth. Kimberly was foster care, and her foster parents were not nicest people. They provided food and a home her, but that was it. The principal felt for her. Kimberly asked him not to feel for her because she liked that she was .