73. Cash Only

Eduardo went to a restaurant. It was a " in the wall," meaning it wasn't a nice . The restaurant was known for having delicious, authentic food. All the employees there were related to other. Sometimes the service was slow, but that's all the food is made fresh. The cooks the food only when the customer orders it.

sat down. The table was dirty, but Eduardo 't mind. The server asked him what he wanted order. Eduardo ordered a salmon roll. It came in fifteen minutes. Eduardo took his first bite. was delicious. When the check came out, Eduardo his credit card down. The server told him place was "cash only." Eduardo asked if he go to the nearest bank. The server said he couldn't trust him. Eduardo swore he would back. The server still didn't let him leave.

first called his sister to help him. His was at work, so she couldn't come until time. Eduardo called his best friend Mason. Mason in the area, so he said okay. Mason down and paid for Eduardo's meal.