71. A New Look

Laura always had really long hair. It went the way down to her back. It was to maintain. It took her 20 minutes to her hair. It was also hard for her exercise since her hair was always flying around . Laura decided to cut her hair all the to her ear. She wanted very short hair. also wanted to donate her hair to cancer . Laura always felt strongly about cancer. Her mom from breast cancer.

The hair stylist asked Laura she was sure that she wanted to cut hair. Laura nodded. When the hair stylist was , Laura looked down to the floor. There was much hair! Laura couldn't wait to go to and show off her new look. When Laura up with her friends, they looked shocked. "What you think?" she asked. Her friends were silent. " looks good," one of them said. He was .

During lunch time, Laura overheard one of the girls say that no guy would ever want date her because of her manly hair cut. was hurt, but she didn't care, because she that she cut her hair for a good .