64. A Terrible Teacher

Ms. Robins was known around the school as meanest teacher ever. She gave hard tests, made of students, and wouldn't let the students have fun whatsoever. Why was Ms. Robins so terrible? , she never wanted to be a teacher. She up wanting to be an actress. She was good at it. She even had her own show once. The TV show did not do well, and it ended after a year. Ms. struggled to find a job after that.

Ms. only got her job as a teacher because knew the principal of the school. They were friends from high school. Ms. Robins taught history. students were all afraid of her. One of students, Cassidy, raised her hand to ask a . "Ms. Robins, how long should our essay be?" . Robins stared at her coldly and said, "I repeating myself. Ask your classmate."

Ms. Robins was into the principal's office. "What's up?" she asked. " have been some concerns over your behavior," the said. "I know where this is going," Ms. said. "Do you? Well, it has to change. know you don't want to be here, but can't get paid if all your students want gone," the principal said. Ms. Robins was more since her meeting with the principal.