63. The Best Donut on Earth

Ginny was obsessed with donuts. She had her donut when she was five years old. It from a gas station. Ginny was crying, and dad was trying to get her to be . He gave her a donut, and Ginny immediately crying.

Ginny has tried twenty different donut shops hundreds of different flavors. Some of her favorite flavors included chocolate, banana, and regular glazed. Her , Rebecca, knows how much she likes donuts, so recommended her a place. "It's called Dough Nutty. 's known to be the best donut on earth!" said. "What's so good about it?" Ginny asked. "'re really fresh, and they use a type of that is good for you!" Rebecca said. Ginny going to check the shop out.

Dough Nutty an hour away from Ginny's house. Her brother fun of her for driving so far just eat donuts. When Ginny and Rebecca got there, store was closed! The girls felt so frustrated. decided to get donuts at the gas station . It was not the best, but it was pretty good.