62. Being Home Alone

For the first time ever, Gabby was going be home alone. Her parents and little brother going on a one-week trip to Hawaii. Gabby 't want to miss out on school, so she she would stay at home. It was going be great. She could stay up late as wanted to, invite people over, and sing as as she wanted to.

She invited her friends, and Agatha, to her house after school. "Wow, is so cool to have the whole house yourself. Your parents must really trust you!" Angela . Gabby's parents trusted Gabby because she always told truth and did the right thing. "You should a party," William suggested. Gabby and Agatha gasped. "'t you hear what I just said?!" Agatha said. " heard you. I just think Gabby should do wrong thing for once and not be boring," said. Gabby did think about it. People at did think she was a goody two-shoes, and parents probably wouldn't find out. "Okay! I'll do !" Gabby exclaimed.

Gabby invited the whole 11th grade to her house on Friday. A lot of came and the house was packed. It seemed everyone was having a good time. People really the food and the music at the party. , however, the party got too crazy. People started at each other, things broke, and neighbors complained.

of a sudden, the door opened. It was 's parents. "Mom, Dad, aren't you supposed to be tomorrow?" Gabby asked. "We were, but we came to surprise you with a gift," her dad . Gabby felt guilty.