59. Strengths and Weaknesses

Howard had recently made the soccer team. However, has been having trouble with the captain and up with his teammates. Howard wasn't in shape the rest of the guys. He also couldn't a lot of things that the guys did. knew that the only reason he made the was because he made a goal during tryouts. goal he made was lucky though. The coach realized this after the first week of practice.

coach set up a meeting to talk to . "Do you know what this is about?" the asked. Howard nodded. "Your performance has not been good compared to the others. It also seems you're having a lot of trouble," the coach . "Yeah, I didn't grow up playing soccer," Howard . "You're going to have a lot of trouble you stay on the team. If you still to play, I think you should take classes try out again next year." Howard sighed. He the coach was right, but he was still .

Howard cried. The coach put his arm around . "Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Soccer is not strength, but you are probably good at something . My strength is playing soccer, but my weakness playing instruments," the coach said. Howard felt a better after hearing him say that. Howard knew he had strengths, he just had to find what they were.