54. The One Who Stayed Behind

Darcy was in her 6th year of college. people go to college for four years and graduate. Darcy was different. She did not plan . In her first year, she was so excited be away from her parents. She went out every night. She drank too much alcohol. She friends with the bad crowd. She skipped her . She had to retake a lot of classes.

her second year, Darcy started to get her together. She stopped going out so late. She friends with people who studied. She went to and studied. However, Darcy wanted to change her from chemistry to political science. The chemistry classes took were useless now. She had to take science classes she should have taken in her year.

In her third year, Darcy took more than the average student. It was very stressful. was in class from 7 a.m.- 6 p.m. felt like she could not think in any her classes. She was not getting much sleep. talked to a guidance counselor, who told her she should drop two classes. The counselor also that it was better to get good grades stay longer in college than to get bad and graduate on time. Darcy dropped two classes had to stay in college for two extra .