53. Stage Fright

Stage fright is the nervousness one feels when in front of an audience. It is extremely . Mr. Todd tries to eliminate stage fright in speech class. In the class, everyone is required do five speeches in front of the class. first speech is about the student. The students talk about their likes, dislikes, family, friends, hobbies, future goals. Since it is the first speech, lot of students are nervous. They want to a good first impression on everyone. Mr. Todd them to think of the audience as their .

The second speech is supposed to persuade the to support a particular cause. One student talked abortion. Another student talked about Donald Trump. For speech, Mr. Todd advised them to make connections the audience. People are more likely to support cause if you make it relatable to them.

the third speech, the student is supposed to to convince the audience to visit a particular . By the third speech, the students were much confident. It was easier for them to talk front of their classmates. The students felt like were all friends with each other. Even if made a mistake, it was okay.