52. Class Enrollment Times

In college, everyone has different class enrollment times. people have early times and some people have times. The more classes you have taken, the your registration time is. That is why seniors early registration times. All student athletes, students on , and low-income students have early registration times.

A of students complain about their registration times. Having late registration time means not getting the classes want. Not getting the classes you want means being able to graduate on time. This is big problem in public schools. Every semester, there a ton of students who line up to about their registration times. Academic counselors tell the the same thing every time: "We can't do about it."

Parents complain about it, too. The counselors tell them the same thing. One of parents who complained was a lawyer. She tried sue the school. It did not work. Students protested that athletes should not have earlier registration . The academic counselors say, "We don't make up rules."