51. Textbooks

Textbooks are really expensive. It is funny, because wants them. Students just have to buy them teachers want them to. Mr. Tan teaches an class, and he usually makes them buy a textbook. Last year, though, one of his students to steal a textbook. That student got suspended. sad thing is, the student stole the textbook he could not afford it. Mr. Tan decided change some things around.

Instead of making his buy the textbook, Mr. Tan made copies of textbook and gave them to the students. This technically illegal. Another teacher found out about what . Tan was doing and told the principal. The gave Mr. Tan a warning. Mr. Tan had come up with another idea that was legal.

. Tan decided to use online articles that were for everyone to access. The students liked this , because they did not have to buy a . The principal liked this idea, because it was . Mr. Tan liked the idea, because he felt the articles taught a lot of interesting information. . Tan won Teacher of the Year award. He respected for caring about his students' financial situation.