42. The Career Day

The Career Day was the time when parents students came into the classroom to talk about jobs. Jane brought her dad, who was a driver. Jane's dad did not like his job he was first starting out. After five years, liked it. He liked it because he got talk to people. Sometimes, though, no one wanted talk to him. Those days were bad.

Jane's talked about what he had to do as bus driver in front of Jane's classmates. "Anyone in becoming a bus driver?" Jane's dad asked. one raised their hand. The next parent going was Julia's dad. Julia's dad was a firefighter. dressed up in his firefighter uniform. He talked his experiences and the crazy fires he had put out in the past.

The students loved 's dad. They asked him a ton of questions, someone even hugged him. Jane's dad felt bad. left the classroom before the day ended. Jane's ran out of the room to talk to . "Mr. Lowell, I just wanted to tell you I have so much respect for what you ." Jane's dad smiled.