41. A Foreign Accent

Ying moved to the U.S. when she was years old. She was born in China, and a Chinese accent when she spoke. She didn't her accent, because it made her sound funny, people sometimes couldn't understand what she said. Ying knew that people made fun of her accent.

's history teacher made everyone go up in front the class and recite a part of the of the United States. Ying didn't want to it. She asked her teacher if she could herself and send it to him. The teacher no because that would be unfair to everyone . Ying then said that it was unfair that had an American accent. The teacher told her take classes to get rid of her Chinese .

Ying took her history teacher's advice and took class on getting rid of the foreign accent. class was filled with people like Ying. The had Ying and the other students pronounce things. a week, Ying didn't see an improvement. She to stop going to class and start loving accent. She shouldn't have to change herself. People like her the way she is.