37. Eyebrow Waxing

Clara always thought her eyebrows were too bushy. good eyebrows was becoming a very popular trend girls. Clara's friend, Rachel, offered to take her a salon to wax her eyebrows. Clara didn't that idea. She didn't want a stranger to so close to her face. Rachel offered to Clara waxing products so she can fix her herself. Clara said okay.

Clara went over to 's house to get the eyebrow waxing material. She went to Rachel's bathroom. Clara was nervous. What she did it wrong? She slowly spread the on her eyebrows. A couple minutes later, she the wax off. "Ouch!" Clara yelled.

Clara looked the mirror. Her eyebrows were gone! She had pulled off too much of it. She screamed. went in the bathroom to check on her. " heard screaming, what's wrong?" Rachel asked. Clara turned and pointed at her face. Rachel tried to her laugh. "It's not funny," Clara said. "Well kinda is, because you were worried that you too much hair before, and now you have ," Rachel said.