35. The Addiction

Yvonne is addicted to biting her nails. She 't know how it started. She has been biting nails since she was four years old. She her nails when she is not doing anything her hands; she bites her nails when listening her professor or waiting in line. People around are grossed out by her habit, but Yvonne 't help it.

Her addiction is getting worse. Yvonne has an infection on the tips of her . Her fingernails are also yellow. When Yvonne noticed this, she realized that she needed to make big change. Yvonne decided to paint her nails stop herself from biting them since she doesn't to bite on the nail polish.

Yvonne was class listening to a boring lecture, which made want to bite her nails. She looked at blue nails and stopped herself. Ten minutes later, looked at her nails again. She started sweating tapping her foot. The girl sitting next to asked if she was okay. Yvonne couldn't take anymore. She just had to bite her nails .