30. A Mystery Man

Ed Kane was a teacher at Middlebury High . He taught math. He was known as the " Man." No one knows anything about him or life. Ed wants to keep it that way. didn't want to be a teacher. He wanted be an astronaut, but things didn't work out way. He came to Middlebury to teach, not get to know the students.

Even though he 't the happiest or friendliest teacher, Ed was always to help out his students if they needed , but if they asked about his personal life, would turn them away. One of the troublemakers the class, Matt, asked Ed what his plans the weekend were. "I don't know," Ed said. ". Kane, tell us something about yourself," Matt asked. "'s enough, Matt!" Ed said.

It wasn't that Ed embarrassed by his lifestyle, but rather, Ed just that students should focus on math. If he too friendly with them, they might think of as an "easy" teacher. Ed was married, with kids and one guinea pig. Ed's hobbies included and swimming. Ed was a very intelligent man only had two close friends.