29. The Acne Problem

While most teenagers had acne, a condition where gets a lot of pimples, Melinda had great . Her skin was perfectly smooth with no flaws . She thinks she got her smooth skin from parents. She also might have smooth skin because drinks a lot of water.

Having acne is because teenagers care a lot about their appearance what other people think of them. Having acne cause people to feel bad about themselves, shy from others, and not go out. Melinda doesn't this problem, but her sister, Ivana, does. Ivana 't understand why she had acne, because no one her family had it. Ivana ate fairly healthy, . She felt like she was just unlucky. Because her acne, Ivana felt insecure about herself. It hard for her to be confident. She always to avoid attention. She barely talked to anyone.

decided to try ProActiv because she kept seeing on TV. It ended up improving her skin. was less red and bumpy. Meanwhile, Melinda got very first pimple, and it was on the of her big speech in class! It was timing. That's the thing about pimples though, they appear out of nowhere!