28. Life Seems Unfair

They say that good things happen to good , and bad things happen to bad people. This 't always feel true. People who have done great die before they should. It makes life seem , and it is sometimes. People who do bad get away with it, sometimes. Eventually, people's deeds up to them.

Shawn was a good person. volunteered every week at the animal shelter. He nice to everyone, even strangers. He took care his grandparents. Good things should happen to him, ? Unfortunately, Shawn just found out that he got off at work. This is unfair. However, losing job when he needed it badly made him motivated to look for a new job that well. Eventually, he found a great job as teacher in China.

Lizzie was a bad person. stole people's credit card information, yelled at waiters, used all her friends. Bad things should happen her, right? Well, Lizzie happened to win $200,000 a lottery. This is unfair. Justice was served . She was sued for credit card fraud, and to use the money she won to hire lawyer.