25. Snoring

Jill and Dan have been married for ten . Jill loves Dan, but she hates his snoring. is so loud and disgusting. Oftentimes, his snoring her up, and she can't go back to . One night, Dan's snoring was so loud, Jill to sleep on the couch. She slept well the couch.

The next morning, Jill's son, Timmy, her sleeping on the couch. He thought that had a fight with his dad. "Mommy, are and dad getting a divorce?" Timmy asked. Jill and hugged Timmy. "No Timmy, your dad just a lot!" Timmy asked if she snored. Jill 't sure.

Later Jill asked Dan if she snored. ", it sounds like a cat meowing," Dad said. " that a bad thing?" Jill asked. "Well… it's of annoying, but I deal with it," Dan .

Jill was embarrassed that she snored. She went the doctor to see if she could do about it. The doctor gave her a few but said that there was no medicine or for snoring. Jill went back home disappointed. "All time I thought you were the annoying snorer, I guess I am, too," Jill said. "Hey, 's what makes us perfect together!" Dan said.