22. A Female Boxer

Emma's dream was to be a boxer. All life, she was told that she couldn't be boxer because she was a girl. She was that she should just get a regular job. parents told her that she would be killed day if she kept boxing. It was hard hear "you can't" all the time. Emma was determined to prove everyone wrong.

Emma's life was . Girls didn't like her, because they thought she too manly. Guys didn't like her, because they she wasn't as good at boxing as they . Because of all this, Emma didn't have any at school. She always sat alone in the , and it was hard for her to find for group projects.

However, Emma did have friends her boxing class. They were all female boxers. understood what Emma was going through because they in the same position. All they had was other. They were a family. Because of this, was always excited for boxing class. One day, was going to be a famous boxer. Only would everyone regret how they treated her.