20. Twins Are Cheating

Annie and Diana are identical twins. It is to tell them apart. Sometimes their best friends get confused on who is who! One key between the two was their feet. Annie's feet a mole on it, and Diana's does not. and Diana sometimes disguise as each other. Annie to be Diana when Diana doesn't want to math tests. Diana pretends to be Annie when has to do the mile run in physical class. They have been doing this for years.

and Diana's enemy, Scarlett, finds out what they been doing. She tells their math and physical teachers that they have been cheating all along. . Thompson, the math teacher, gives them both an . Ms. Nguyen, the physical education teacher gives them an F, too. Annie and Diana are sad. tries to explain that she gets out of easily when she runs. Diana tries to explain math gives her anxiety. Mr. Thompson and Ms. don't care.

Annie and Diana no longer pretend be each other anymore. After they got Fs, parents forced them to move schools. The two were not that far apart, so they still to see each other.