14. The Missing Water Bottle

Jared has a green water bottle that he to school every day. He loves it, because keeps his water cold. It also has a robot on it. One day, he loses it. asks his friend, Richard, if he has seen . "Yeah, I saw Albert holding it," Richard says. walks over to Richard's locker. "Hey, you have water bottle, right?" Jared asks. "I did, but let Denise borrow it," Albert says.

Jared goes to Denise. "Hey, do you have my water ?" Denise shakes her head and says, "I thought was cool looking, so I showed Amanda. She it now. Jared goes to Amanda. "Amanda, tell you have my water bottle." Amanda shakes her . "I thought it was Lucas', so I gave to him. Jared screams in frustration.

Jared goes Lucas. "Do you have my water bottle?" Jared . "I gave it to Richard to give to ," Lucas says. That was weird since Richard was first person he asked about the water bottle. went back to Richard. "Lucas said you had water bottle," Jared said. "I told you, I Albert hold it. Lucas probably meant Richard Lopez, me," Richard said. "I'm just going to buy new water bottle," Jared said. He bought a one this time.